Welcome to Goals! Goals will help achieving goals, continuation of motivation and changing habit.

Achieving goals is not easy. Many books on achieving goals are published in the world. Even now, many books of them are published every year. Also, These books are very popular.

This shows that many people are struggling to achieving goals.

To you who have troubles that can’t achieve goals, Goals provides many functions to achieve goals.

Please try Goals by all means. You can download it for free, so feel free to use it.

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Actually, I am one of the people who can’t achieve my goals. I have read dozens of self-help books so far. After reading, my motivation is very high.I feel like I can do anything. Immediately, I write my goals in my notebook. However, the result is always serious. I completely forgot over time. Before I know it, I didn’t open the note I wrote goals.

One day, I thought about writing goals on a smartphone. And, I thought I can check it at any time.
I immediately looked for various app. However, I could not find an app that seemed quite useful. Of course, there was also a useful app, but I couldn’t find a satisfactory thing, such as lack of the required functions.

Since I could not find my favorite application, I decided to develop Goals.
I have read more self-help books. Goals provides very useful functions for achieving your goals.

Currently, the number of downloads of this application has exceeded 36,000. I really appreciate all of you.


So let’s introduce the features of Goals.

(1) Setting appropriate goals

Do you decide on the goal? As a matter of fact, the first thing you do to achieve your goals is to set your goals. However, many people have not done that. Even if you have decided, in many cases you don’t concrete on what to do. It is a desire. You can not achieve your goal alone with a desire. Appropriate goals setting is essential for achieving goals.

In Goals, you can set appropriate goals suitable for achieving your goals.

The goals must be measurable and time-bound. You can set a deadline, target value and current value. (SMART goal to use the business scene must be Measurable and Time-bound.)

(2) Setting balanced goals

You can set goals for each role. Everyone has multiple roles, such as role at work and role at home.

In Goals, you can clearly set goals for each role.

You can check with a chart whether balanced goals are set.

This is a way of setting goals that is written in the famous self-help book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. In developing Goals, I used this book as a very useful reference.

(3) Setting the image related to the goal

In order to continue motivation to the goal, it is important to imagine yourself who is achieving the goal. The most effective thing to do is to recognize visually by image.

In Goals you can set the image related to the goal.


I created “How to use Goals” as a presentation movie. I would be pleased if you could see it as well.

“Goals” provides many functions to help you achieve your goals. Please download and try.
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It is not appropriate to use this application as the task list, the calendar or the habits tracking. In that case, there are many useful applications. This app is specialized for goal setting. You can work with Google Calendar to associate goals and events.